24 April 2009

WirelessManager fix for WM 6.1 XDA Mini ROM's

Wireless Manager Battery Drain fix for WM 6.1 XDA Mini ROM

Can turn on/off RADIO immediately and reality.
Quickly toggle Bluetooth status and BTH Discoverable mode.

Install it from CAB directly. Thanks to Cotulla

After that you can hit Antenna icon on titlebar to get it works.

1.Flight Mode support:Turn off GSM & BTH quickly.You can make a call for test,it will report "The phone is powered off."

2.Toggle BTH status fastly and set it as discoverable/non-discoverable device.

3.Right-Key Menu can let you enter Bluetooth Setting,Phone setting and even a soft-reset func.

4.You can turn off GSM module BUT turn on Bluetooth separately,now you got a full-feature "PDA",for example,you can sync with computer via Bluetooth.

1.YOU MUST FULLY SHUTDOWN YOU PHONE via removing Battery before you are taking an airplane!

2.Frequently toggle BTH status will cause the "No.8 bug - No sounds"(As Cotulla said,but what are the other bugs before No.8?),so just wait and wait and toggle BTH status more slowly although it is very simply clicking...

3.If you are so unlucky to caused "No.8",please soft-reset your phone...

And,Cotulla,if this tool is really useful,can you replace it with original wrlsmgr.exe when you release next ROM?First run it will extract a worker dll named "wrlsmgr.dll" into \Windows directory,it is only 3.5KB,Thanks.

Download Link: Here (from xda-developers)

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