25 March 2010

[ROM][WWE][WM6.5]Windows Mobile 6.5 Clean ROM (07 Feb 2010)

Windows Phone (r) 6.5 Professional (Clean - 07 Feb 2010)
Finished: 07 Feb 2010 - GMT +7 14.58
by searcher12 Xdadev


- Clean like Mft Updates, Smooth, and Sleek WP6.5 ROM
- .net Framework 3.7 (latest update)
- O2 Application (Camera, Equalizer, O2 Menu, AutoConfig, O2 MediaPlus)
- Windows Phone 6.5 splash screen
- Esmertec JBED included
- Adobe Reader LE
- Much 3rd party Apps, such as S2P, PeekPocket, etc
- Windows Media Player 12 for Windows CE (Beta)
- O2, HTC, AT&T, T-Mobile, and HP Themes
- Included IntelliPad Phone pad
- Included XCPUScalar
- Software in ExtROM:
a. FingerKeyboard 2.1
b. Facebook Client + CHome Plugin
c. Twitter Client + CHome Plugin
d. Office CHome Plugin
e. UCWEB Browser
g. WM5Torage
h. Cool Rings and Alerts
i. Persian Blue (Bluetooth FIX)

- Voice Commander Removed
- Change AutoRun with searcher12 AutoInstaller (based on MortScript)
- Added O2 MediaPlus
- Removed: Adobe Flash, Windows Update, Windows Live, Microsoft MyPhone, Windows Live & MSN Widget.

Known Bugs:
- searcher12 AutoInstaller aren't display CAB name
- Needs long time to start SetupWizard (it called with AutoInstaller)
- another bugs? please tell me

Flashing Instruction (Please read, or you'll get some accident in flashing ):
- Main battery must above 80%
- Copy diskimg.nb0 and EXTENDED.IMG to your pda Storage Card using Card Reader/Mass Storage Mode
- (if you remove your card from PDA/using card reader) Insert your miniSD card
- Press Camera+Reset to enter bootloader
- Wait until finish...
- Wait until Splash Screen shown green bar on top, restart again...
- Enjoy new ROM

- http://rapidshare.com/files/34707451...0207.part1.rar
- http://rapidshare.com/files/34707451...0207.part2.rar
- http://rapidshare.com/files/34707873...0207.part3.rar

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U9GNNR90 (tahnks to ryanlow134)

Support: http://www.phone-mod.co.nr

If you like my work, please donate me


  1. Dion Ganteng :DApril 14, 2010 3:43 pm

    hey bro.. ni nginstallnya gmn? untuk upgrade rom full ato untuk upgrade dr cotulla wwe_05? da bs camera donk brarti fix dr cotulla punya? tp ni buat o2 mini ato o2 atom? --'

  2. Does this work on XDA 2 Mini?

  3. diskimg.nb0 and EXTENDED.IMG should i copy this image on minisd i m new for xda developer can u explain it plz

  4. Windows Phone (r) 6.5 Professional (Clean - 07 Feb 2010)
    Finished: 07 Feb 2010 - GMT +7 14.58
    by searcher12 Xdadev
    after loading it logo screen appers but then just the black screen what 2 do help me

  5. Great Work ! Can it be installed on Atom Exec ?

  6. what this rom can installed on xda 2 mini [magician]...?

  7. File not found !!!!

  8. pls new link!!!

  9. it has a buggg and doesn't work - there write that is not found this file


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