16 May 2011

Android on your Xda Atom? Why Not! :D

Bored with your operating system? Want to try something new? Why Not!
Today, Android based operating system can be runned in our old Atom :D... But, before we can try it, we need some requirenments to ensure Android can be run smoothly in your Xda Atom.

  1. Your O2 Xda Atom :D
  2. a 1GB (or higher) miniSD card
  3. miniUSB Sync Cable
  4. The Android file, you can download here
The steps:
  1. First, format your miniSD to FAT32 filesystem.
  2. Connect your PocketPC to your PC in Mass Storage Mode
  3. Then, extract the file (ANDROID_04.09.09.rar) to your miniSD root
  4. Disconnect your PocketPC for your PC
  5. run Haret.exe in ADNROID folder in your PocketPC miniSD
  6. Android will be booted up :D


  1. hey my atom still wont booting android,
    on the other tutorial,the minisd format must be ext2,but yours says "format it to fat32"
    im confiused..

  2. In this method, the miniSD must be formatted in FAT32 not ext2 :)

  3. heyya it works
    i just hope devs like u would make this working properly :D

  4. is that work for Atom Life???

  5. the download link could be used anymore bro ... need a new link

  6. can the link be placed in Mediafire instead? it seems like the link is broken.

  7. does this work for rw6828?

  8. new link download http://www.qkshare.org/thread466731.html?language=th

  9. how much time does it takes NormallY!!!
    after runnung Haret the screen went kinda brown. what does this mean????

  10. I fail to mount sd card.
    /bin/sh:can't acess try; job control turn off


  11. it works for me but it does not get detected by i plug it in my pc so i cannot install any apps. kindly advice. tia.

  12. I'm sorry, I can't help... My Atom has broke :(... So I can't test it :(

  13. my o2 atom is already 6.5 versoin update but i want android this versoin is working in booting android .please tell me.

  14. m totally confused yr please this versoin is working in android na.


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