5 January 2014

How To Use Controller in Android


Tools You Need.
- Android smartphone
- Wireless Bluetooth controller
- sixaxis compatibillity checker (download at playstore)
- sixaxis controller
- sixaxis pairtool

Tutorial Sixaxis Controller for Android Devices:

1. Download and Install :
    -Sixaxis Compatibility Checker dari Market
    -Sixaxis Controller pada android agan dan Sixaxis pairtool pada laptop/pc agan

2.Open Sixaxis Compatibility Checker then tap start, if your android handheld compatible with this software it will inform you and show Local Bluetooth Address. If unsupported, don't do the next step.

3. Open Sixaxis Pairtool in your PC, then conect your controller to your laptop/pc and it will show some numbers in Sixaxis PairTool, input the Local Bluetooth Address in your android to pairtool app then click update. Disconnect your controller if done. 

4. Open Sixaxis controller, then tap start, wait until show "Driver starting" then press connect in your controller and the ap will show "Client Connected" if successfully connected, then choose Change IME and choose Sixaxis Controller.

5. Press home button on your handheld and start playing!

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