3 April 2016

How to obtain cool Windows Spotlight lockscreen images?

Windows Spotlight is one of the new features on Windows 10. When you activated it, you'll see random cool pictures provided by Microsoft on your lock screen. Sometimes, you really want to obtain the awesome pictures, but there's no option to save the pictures provided. How to obtain it?

Windows Spotlight images are cached on the local storage (Windows Installation partition) in your PC and hidden in a folder. There is the instruction for obtaining the pictures:

1. Press [Win + R] combination key to launch the Run prompt dialog
2. Enter the following command in dialog and press OK
3. Then, a folder will be opened and contains random filename
4. Copy and paste the files into other place.
Note: You will see a warning prompt when you go to copy the files, click OK to the warning.
5. Rename all with JPG extension, or simply do it in Command Prompt:
Hit Shift + Right-click with your mouse in the directory where you copied the images. Choose Open command window here 
and type in (or copy and paste) Ren *.* *.jpg

Important Note: Some of the files are junk, you can simply remove the unneeded files.

That's All :)

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